iOS, Android and Windows logos to determine which Mobile OS is most secure

Which Mobile OS is Most Secure; iOS, Android, or Windows? [SLIDESHARE]

With the growing popularity of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and similar company-wide policies integrating mobile devices into the work day, a question arises about security. Often times, these devices are collecting confidential and sometimes sensitive information, especially when the data being collected involves compliance and regulatory measures.

Large group of people in different colored shirts to symbolize document organization

Folders, Tags or Both: Which Document Organization Strategy is Right for You?

Every company that proactively manages risk, safety, quality or compliance has a love/hate relationship with documents (mostly hate). Audits, assessments, incident reports, checklists, management reports, corrective action, the list goes on. These complex processes produce unprecedented paper trails leading to a stockpile of documents that need to be organized, stored and easily accessed.