Two men with clipboards conducting a field quality audit

Field Quality Audit Efficiency Tools – 3 Reasons to Equip Your Auditors

Of all the likely end users of a software system for managing compliance, safety inspection and field quality audit procedures; auditors, assessors or surveyors are asked to do the most, with the least. Auditors are often deployed with templates, checklists, case files and spreadsheets, but not much in the way of technology tools for streamlining their data collection and reporting.

Construction worker conducting mobile inspection on tablet

3 Pitfalls of Manual Quality Inspections

With advances in technology we expect the speedy transfer of information; we can look up the traffic report on our mobile phones or check our Twitter feed to find out what’s trending around the world. In industries where compliance and quality inspections are necessary, this rapid transfer of information can and should be utilized to directly promote our safety and well-being.