Conduct Assessments Anywhere,
on Any Device…in Real-Time

CompWALK allows you to conduct assessments in real-time and easily share information with a mobile workforce. CompWALK transforms operations for:

Integrated Management Across
All Your Assessment Needs…

Manage assessments, files and incidents in one place. Eliminate issues faster and more efficiently to achieve better outcomes and share compliance data across the organization and with customers in real-time.


Manage, create and schedule unlimited assessments with unlimited questions. Conduct your on-site assessment or survey, using your mobile device (Windows phone, iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet) or your laptop … with real-time data synchronization. You can even upload images or supporting documentation quickly and easily.


Store all of your audit or survey documentation — from pictures to slides to spreadsheets — in one, convenient place. Upload, download and organize your files with seamless ease. File Manager gives all designated users access to a convenient, centralized repository across all platforms and devices.


When you uncover a compliance or quality issue that needs to be addressed, just log it once and it will track the  issue through to resolution. Issues can be prioritized and color coded for at-a-glance status.

Key Features

Unlimited Questions & Assessments

CompWALK allows users to create as many assessments within the system as needed with as many questions required in order to meet the requirements of their process.

Organize by Locations

Users of the system can organize staff by location; office, floor, building, city, etc. and then assign any assessments to various assessors for specific locations if necessary.

Schedule & Assign Assessments

Authorized users in the system are able to create ‘Tours’ that include an unlimited number of assessments and then assign each to any assessor in the system. Those assessors are then notified of their upcoming schedule.

Conduct ‘Quick’ Assessments on the fly

Users can pull up pre-approved Assessments at anytime from the system and begin immediately processing questions.

Attach Files to Specific Assessments/Issues

CompWALK allows users to attach any document and/or image to any question within an assessment. Users can even take a photo in the field of any situation and attach to the question with their mobile device.

Connect Criteria to Questions

A powerful feature that allows you to connect underlying guidelines, rules or content to specific questions within the system. When conducting assessments or self-assessments, users can then access the underlying data as needed.

Our Standard Web View…

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Our Windows 10 Native App View…

Audit Overview

Audit Question

File Share

Getting started is easy…

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