an iphone that could be used for a risk audit, safety inspection or accreditation survey or onsite assessment

Conduct an Accreditation Survey or Onsite Assessment with your Smartphone

With the mobile nature of accreditation surveys and quality assessments, it makes sense to incorporate a mobile strategy in your auditing practices.

There are plenty of options out there when choosing smartphones and you should expect accreditation management software to work properly on any of them, not to mention larger format tablets. Many insist that the size or form-factor of even the largest smart phone is not adequate for the data collection activities that are necessary for an audit. It may be true that utilizing a smartphone to type up a full audit findings and recommendations report is less than ideal, but its usefulness in collecting information during the physical walkthrough or inspection should be considered.

man working on computer reading The Complete Guide to Creating an Efficient Accreditation Organization

The Complete Guide to Creating an Efficient Accreditation Organization [New eBook]

After over 20 years of experience in accreditation, we have been able to talk to a number of organizations who have similar pain points. Whether it’s too many manual processes or disjointed systems, these accreditation bodies all express that they do not have enough time to focus on customer compliance. They are stuck with outdated processes that take up precious time, and, most commonly, they have too much on their plate. Download our new eBook, The Complete Guide to Creating an Efficient Accreditation Organization, to learn the top four critical elements that lead to more efficient operations within your organization resulting in time and resources saved across the board.